Blue Square Media helped BeautiEdit get 11,000 new customers and secure acquisition deals.

new customers
0 K+
decrease in CPA
60 %
increase in AOV
33 %


BeautiEdit stands out in Ireland as a different beauty brand, merging self-tanning with advanced skincare.

Their quick rise to fame was fuelled by a collaboration with one of Ireland’s most renowned influencers, carving a unique niche in the beauty industry.

The Problem

BeautiEdit had great products but faced some big digital challenges. 

They didn’t know how to handle things like their website and online ads.

They needed someone to take care of their online sales and didn’t have a go-to partner for strategy, marketing, and creative work.

The Solution

That’s where we came in. Blue Square Media managed everything from their online ads to emails and the website.

We used influencers to create eye-catching ads and set up a system that automatically brings in customers.

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The Results

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