Blue Square Media helped Oneself improve its website and ads to increase its profits.

increase in profit
17 %
decrease in CPA
33 %
increase in AOV
25 %


Oneself Wellbeing is a health and wellness brand known for its natural superfoods.

While they have a dedicated and loyal customer base, their journey in the market was not without its challenges.

The Problem

Oneself Wellbeing had a few big challenges.

Even though they had loyal customers, not many people knew about them.

They weren’t making much profit from each customer and it was hard to find new ones.

Also, they had lots of different superfoods, but most people just kept buying the same few.

The Solution

We at Blue Square Media helped them out.

We made a new plan to get more customers.

We also changed their website to make it easier for people to find and buy all their different superfoods.

Plus, we worked with the founders to understand unit economics better – how much they earn and spend, and how to make more profit.

Work Examples

The Results

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