Blue Square Media helped TEN PM acquire its first 10,000 customers.

increase in conversions
180 %
decrease in CPA
56 %
increase in AOV
47 %


TEN PM, an innovative food and drink brand, has introduced a unique product to the market:

a hot chocolate designed to help you fall asleep.

The Problem

TEN PM started with no customers and lacked the data needed for effective marketing.

They had no one to manage their online sales funnels and were missing a reliable partner for strategy, marketing, advertising, and creative direction.

They were essentially at square one, needing both direction and execution.

The Solution

Blue Square Media came on board to turn things around.

We set up an automated acquisition funnel that runs smoothly on its own.

We crafted a personalized landing page specifically for their standout product.

Additionally, we developed a comprehensive retention funnel to increase customer lifetime value.

Work Examples

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The Results

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